“There’s a lot of opportunity for Doctors here in the Philippines to expand and operate multiple clinics at multiple locations. Compared to foreign markets, like in Korea, Doctors are only allowed to open and operate a single clinic in a single location. Let’s go back to the Philippines and look at the local situation. Doctors open several clinic branches and expand their businesses, but problems arise here” as said by Mr. Hyunwook Nam – Geopro Global Solutions, CEO.

As a continuation, he said “Clinic Managers are expected to manage the daily activities of a clinic staffed by qualified professional Doctors, Nurses, Aestheticians, Non-Surgical Coordinators and Administrators. They will often have a large inventory of responsibilities, including the management of all clinical sales, finances, personnel, resolving conflicts, motivating staff, clinic audits, scheduling, maintaining an efficient clinic and hiring and training of staff to drive the business forward. As the number of employees increase and services increase, Doctors need to consider more things, and also there are more business skills to learn other than the medical expertise they've learned so far. Doctors are trained for Medical Practice not Business Practice. That is where Easethetics comes in to solve that problem!

... - Hyunwook Name CEO of Easethetics

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Easethetics is a South Korean company that offers a Clinic Management System to optimize management quality in the beauty and wellness industry. The system has been specifically designed to manage Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Dermatologic clinics and MedSpas which can be performed anytime and anywhere around the world.

We are introducing Easethetics, the all-in-one aesthetic management system packed with endless possibilities that allows growth and expansion within the clinic and its industry. Easethetics' system provide more features that could be more beneficial for the clinic business in an affordable price.

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A new software designed to boost the beauty business

Featured last October 21, 2020

“Easethetics made sure that their new software would address all these problems in order to easily provide medical business owners with sales projections, service quality monitoring, inventory checks and well as marketing capacity.” -Iza Iglesias

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