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Limited payment Method Capability

If your clinic only accepts cash payments, you can be sure you're losing clients to clinics that offers a wide range of payment methods.

People who use contactless payment methods such as Debit/Credit Card Payments or E-Wallet Payments (Gcash/GrabPay/Paymaya etc.), which are the norms nowadays, will often choose businesses that allows them to pay the way they wish.

Easethetics is integrating a Point-of-Sale system that is set-up with the newest payment method that can help you avoid losing these customers.


Inventory Problems

In the Aesthetic world, where everyone's focus is providing high-quality care, Inventory Management can turn into a real challenge. Clinic or Spa owners can't afford to lose money anywhere within their business operations.

If you are one of the 47% of Clinic or Spa owners who still counts their inventory manually, then those inventory nightmares could become all too real when human error becomes the norm.

Easethetics is here to solve all of your problem. Easethetics integrates an easy-to-use inventory management system!

Promotion Marketing

You would probably be surprised at how many leading clinicians and entrepreneurs dismiss the importance of Marketing Promotion. Based on the survey done by us, 58% of all the respondents have experienced or are experiencing problems with their marketing processes.

A successful Clinic or Spa should have a clear target market research into their competitors and target demographics. With Easethetics, you can easily access different reports that determines your sales volume and define your marketing strategies accordingly.

Easethetics users also can customized and design their own website with its Website Creator tool. With Easethetics, turn your promotional efforts into real sales! 


Unproductive Workforce

Having a slacker in your team could damage your business. Staff face a lot of distractions throughout the day, and keeping them on task might be impossible for managers who are busy themselves. 

Easethetics handles all the stress load and let's you manage your employees schedule easily with its staff attendance monitoring function and a lot more.

Incompetent supplier

It’s estimated that up to 20 percent of the aesthetics and cosmetics products in the market are fake. Fake products are usually made to look exactly the same as the real ones. You often can’t tell the difference from looking at the packaging alone.

Using the best quality products and equipment is one of the factors that define the quality of service you would extend to your clients. This greatly affects the reputation and image of your clinic or spa. Problem is finding the right suppliers for these needs, which requires massive amount of time and effort. 

Easethetics made things easy for clinic and spa owners! With the users' consumable subscription, subscribers can place an order of their choice among products and equipment posted on our EaseMart (On-site Shop). EaseMart is composed of carefully selected and verified vendors to ensure the quality and security of our users


not Investing in the right tools

From operating a Beauty Clinic to running a MedSpa, Clinic Management Systems are becoming a “must-have” technology. Remember, Doctors are trained in healthcare, not in business and workflow management or medical billing. Doctors who practices their profession and at the same time, manages and runs their respective clinics in order to maintain an efficient workflow, might be too much for them to handle! 

Choosing the right clinic management system can save you from a lot of headaches. Easethetics is specially built to manage any type of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatologic Clinics and also MedSpas. It provides Clinic and Spa owners with the tools that can potentially help to fully optimize their operations and maximize their profit.