How Businesses Coping With Competition During Pandemic

    The Pandemic sweeping's economic impact due to Covid-19 Many businesses shut down and declare bankruptcy for the reasons of losing their customers. The Competition is getting tough because of the new normal circumstances which include Aesthetic and Beauty Clinics. 

 How Doctors and Aestheticians survive their businesses clinic during Pandemic.

Easethetics is for Clinic and Multi-Branch Owners

    Many countries worldwide urge people to stay at home and practice social distancing. Unfortunately, these restrictions cause a significant impact for business owners to reach their customers and compete in their market but with the power of easethetics, clinic owners can still grow their business during these uncertain times.

Recognize The Facing Challenges 

     We are living through a world of crisis but it doesn't mean that you need to stop running your business. A problem always has solutions even in business. Easethetics offers better solutions for clinic owners in a way to running their business by using the advancement of technology. What are the things that easethetics can provide for clinic owners?  


Easethetics is the right clinic management system that can save you from a lot of headaches by providing tools that can potentially help to fully optimize your clinic operations and by using your own devices.

Fake quality of products and equipment it can affect to losing your customers. With easethetics provides the best quality equipment and products for Spa and Clinic owners. These are the great factors that define the quality of service to your patients and greatly save your clinic business, shop your items on  Easemart.

Easethetics runs 24/7 for patients and clinic owners for the benefit of convenience while using their devices. 

Creative Alternative Ways

    Looking for a better alternative way to save your business is a must. Easethetics find a way to stay competitive in a way to provide the consumable subscription and offering home delivery products for free once they purchase on Easemart. Users can purchase items on eastmart for free once they avail of the subscription at a low cost. How greatly it is for clinic and Spa owners. 


      Franchise Brand 

          Nowadays since the Covid-19 outbreak, a huge proportion of businesses are running their business from home. Modern franchising is a trend nowadays if you are owning a store with multiple branches across the country. Easethetics provides a system that can easily manage and monitor multiple branches and locations in just one central admin panel. How cool is that?  Here are the tools that easethetics provide to manage your multiple business.


      ➡Inventory Management Across Multiple Stores
      ➡Data Synchronization Among Different Locations
      ➡Cross-store Operations
      ➡Multi-store Reporting
      ➡Branch Accounting

                      By providing these tools it could be more help to monitor your multiple branches only in easethetics. 

                          Success is more than weathering the storm. Aesthetic and Beauty Clinics must ensure they will still be needed during the pandemic with the power of utilizing online and remote solutions. Easethetics can uniquely capable and reliable in providing those of high quality of service that can help clinic owners to cope with their business during pandemic. By this situation happening right now learning valuable lessons is a key. According to Kelly Frederickson a CEO of Mullenlowe from Boston Massachusetts United States
                      “Most consumers don’t mind hearing from brands as long as it is a solution, where we are not trying to sell something, but we are trying to solve something.”  
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