How To Prevent and Deal With Failed Payments Using Aesthetic System

   Payment failure would be one of the frustrations for customers and business owners, and Don't we all hate to see a screen screaming at us, 'Payment failed, please try again? Or "Oops! "something went wrong" The stress of going through the whole procedure, again and again, exhaust us. This would affect businesses, especially for beauty and wellness industry, how doctors and clinic owners would deal with those payment failures to avoid losing their customers.

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Why do payments fail? These are reasons why your payments are not accepted.

  Why do payments fail? The payment transaction will be declined mostly. The common reason is the customer has not had enough funds or insufficient cards but do you know what? According to the research panel, this is only 26%. Only the customer has resolved this issue by contacting their bank to check the transaction log for their credit card. The remaining 74% has different reasons, and it can fix that by determining the following.

Easethetics comes in to solve your problem.

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 Easethetics connects payment gateways to enable clients from around the world to have better solutions for payment systems. 

How Easethetics Can Deal With Failed Payments


Process Payments by Accepting Multiple Payment Options

Rachel is a new client, and she was to make a payment for her clinic appointment. However, she finds out her credit card has insufficient balance. When she proceeds to the payment section, using the easethetics website, she discovers many payment options aside from credit cards, which she's choosing the E-wallet for payment options. The advancement of easethetics has flexible payment methods that make the customer feel comfortable and happy.

Payment Availability Transactions.

 Anna is a customer support team. Due to social distancing restrictions, one of her clients calling and decides to visit the clinic to make a payment by swiping her card. Anna did an excellent job by advising her client that easethetics is different from other payment systems, and she was educating her client about using the contactless transactions using their devices without making actual contact. Anna gives the benefit of convenience to the customer without making actual contact. 


Payments can secure your information

Janice received a call from her client and made a payment; however, her client is hesitant to give the credit card details for hacking their information, and they might use it for illegal purposes. Is that possible? Janice tells her client that Easethetics is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform, which encrypts the personal information of the clients' information and limiting the staff's access to the information they will see. 

     They have many usual payment failures that can deal with customers, like incorrect payment information, fraudulent transactions, and other common payment issues, which easethetics can notify their customer by sending them via email. These simplifying actions would prevent payment failures and significantly improve the relationship with our customers. Easethetics is always here to serve you.


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