Tips On How to Improve Sales With Clinic Management System

     The revolution of technology gives a lot of benefits to people. A doctor thinking the best way to improve their business efficiency. Remember not all doctors are trained in business so they need a better clinic management system to manage their workflow to serve their patients as well. Easethetics can do educate doctors to run their clinics by providing tools to help fully optimized their operations using their devices.

   How easethetics could help to improve sales for a Beauty Clinic. 

Connect Your Payment Gateway
With Easethetics 

    А payment gateway is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the recipient. Easethetics connects payment gateways to enable clients from around the world to have better solutions for payment systems and expand your customer base exponentially.

Identify Your Customers Payment Method Concern

🛑A customer decide to purchase variety of items on an online website however they can't proceed to checkout process due to lack of payment methods. 

☑️ With easethetics, an aesthetician can be a seller and upload their selling products on Easemart. Easethetics provides contactless payment methods such a debit/credit card or E-wallet payments which they preferred nowadays. Let your clients choose their preferred way to pay

    Market your products on Easemart


Establishing your Business Using Selling Services

🛑  When selling your services one thing you need to consider is the prospect of your clients. Understand their situation in a way to builds their trust. A clinic management system provides a better solution to give convenience to their patients.

☑️  Easethetics offers solutions to the doctors and Aestheticians by this following. 


For Example

  • Our system can provide online appointments for patients by not requiring calling customer service.

  •  They can check the online availability for a reservation using their phones on which date and time may prefer without sending a message on social media.

  •  Our system runs 24/7 so they can proceed with booking appointments and payment required at the same time without any hesitations.

  • Easethetics can grand a solution by managing your business whether single or multiple branches using any of your devices. With just a simple click you can monitor your clinic operations.

 Ability to conduct transactions in other countries

🛑  Expanding your business globally is a great way to reach out to your customer. A clinic management system commonly develop for doctors and aestheticians locally and overseas however due to different time zone the availability of their support team it would take time to reach them out and it can affect managing your business.

☑️  Easethetics have flexible time for doctors who run the clinic. Our support team guarantees of extending 24/7 service to making sure that our clients are a top priority no matter what your time zone is.


      By this following easethetics can improve your sales by using your device just in a simple click. The goal of easethetics is to provide clients convenient and secure platform by seamless transaction service which is served right for your clinic.

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