8 Reasons why you should Transition from Paper-based to Cloud-based Clinic Management System - Easethetics

 Managing your Clinic Anywhere and Anytime

Nowadays, there are too many online management systems available in the market but no guarantee that they can give 100% customer service with a one stop online shop that are both available 24/7. In Easethetics, you can be sure that the money you paid for will be given back to you in a form of consumable subscription where you can buy our different aesthetic products and machines.

Enhance Documentation

Through the help of clinic management systems, clinic owners and aestheticians can lessen their use of papers for documentation purposes. To achieve this, Easethetics can be your best partner to be cost-efficient and save money instead.

Safe and Secure

Almost all are transitioning to online because they want all transactions to be safe and secured. Using clinic management systems like Easethetics, clinic owners and aestheticians are assured that all transactions are kept confidential.

Maximize the Clinic's profit

Traditional advertising and promotions are expensive during these times. If your goal is to maximize your clinic’s profit, then clinic management systems are the best tool to use.

Easethetics has a feature wherein you can easily access different reports that determines your sales volume and define your marketing strategies to your right target market. 

Workforce Management

These days, clinic owners and aestheticians are availing clinic management systems to address and monitor all the issues concerning to their employees such as benefits and government-related matters. Through Easethetics, you can monitor what is really happening in your clinic. 

Multiple Options of Payment Method

If your clinic only accepts cash payments, you can be sure you’re losing clients to clinics that offer wide range of payment methods. People who use contactless payment methods, which are the norms nowadays, will often choose businesses that allow them to pay the way they wish. 

Continous and Online Aesthetic Learning

Learning is also online and continuous! Blogs and videos under Easethetics were designed and made with the newest trends on the beauty industry news. Be featured with us and promote and share your business success!

Systematic and Organized

Clinic Owners and aestheticians are availing clinic management systems like Easethetics to make things and transactions organized and all in one system. In Easethetics, there are different features for each department of a clinic. 


Ten Reasons to Use Easethetics to Make Your Aesthetic Business Professional and more Profitable