Ten Reasons to Use Easethetics to Make Your Aesthetic Business Professional and more Profitable

From operating a Beauty Clinic to running a MedSpa, Clinic Management Systems are becoming a “must-have” technology. Remember, Doctors are trained in healthcare, not in business and workflow management or medical billing. Doctors who practices their profession and at the same time, manages and runs their respective clinics in order to maintain an efficient workflow might be too much for them to handle! 

Choosing the right clinic management system can save you from a lot of headaches. Clinic management systems such as Easethetics (Aesthetic Management System) can provide a variety of advantages for your clinics.


Reason 1: No Cost Involve

Great clinic management systems are available in the market but accompanied with remarkably great price too! They commonly charges monthly subscriptions to their users with prices ranging from $149.00 - $500.00. These monthly subscriptions adds-up to the expenses of the clinic which instead may be allotted for purchasing additional supplies or equipment. 

Easethetics introduces Consumable Subscription. Users’ subscriptions can be used to purchase clinic equipment or supplies at the on-site shop of Easethetics called EaseMart. It’s technically free for clinic or spa owners to utilize on their business.Clarico-Picture


Reason 2: Local Presence

Service providers of different Clinic Management Systems available in the market, were commonly developed and are commonly based overseas.  If you are using these type of system and experienced a problem, commonly it would take time for their support to reach you and take action. Availability of their support team and the time zone attributed to their locations were one of those factors affecting their service. Instead of easing your operations, it only made it harder for you to manage your business.

Good thing, Easethetics is already here to pat your back. It is a system designed by a company known as Geopro Global Solutions Inc. Locally present here in the Philippines, Easethetics guarantees of extending 24/7 customer service to its users making sure that their time is the utmost priority to handle.

Reason 3: Save More, Shop More

Using the best quality products and equipment is one of the factors that define the quality of service or procedure you would extend to your clients. This greatly affects the reputation and image of your clinic. Problem is finding the right suppliers for these needs which requires massive amount of time and effort.

Easethetics made things easy for you! Using your consumable subscriptions, you may place an order of your choice among the products and equipment posted on our site. Our shop is composed of carefully selected and verified vendors to ensure the quality and security of our users. Save more and shop more using Easethetics!

 Reason 4: Service Quality Oriented Operation

In the Aesthetic Industry, Beauty and Wellness is the core of Clinic and Spa Owners’ businesses. Aestheticians, Doctors, Nurses or the professionals that runs these businesses are expected to have a large inventory of responsibilities. Responsibilities such as making paper works, checking employee attendance, computing commissions or monitoring inventory.

Easethetics is a highly-secured and specialized platform of applications that leverage technology to upgrade the quality of management in the sectors of beauty and wellness industry. Easethetics gives you the opportunity to focus on your professional practice and at the same time lets you manage your operations efficiently.

Reason 5: Expand and Enter New Business Ventures

Easethetics online shop, EaseMart, is inspired by the ease and accessibility of famous online selling platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. Difference is EaseMart is purely customized with the needs and wants of the Aesthetic Market. Users can apply and register as a Vendor.

As a Vendor, they can easily promote, post and sell their products and services using the EaseMart. Easethetics utilizes a state of the art and secured Payment Gateway offering a wide range of payment methods. It also integrates user’s social media promotions wait an appointment tool to turn their promotions into real sales.Clarico-Picture

Reason 6: Multiple Payment Method Capability

If your clinic only accepts cash payments, you can be sure you're losing clients to clinics that offers a wide range of payment methods. People who use contactless payment methods, which are the norms nowadays, will often choose businesses that allows them to pay the way they wish.

Easethetics is integrating a Point-of-Sale system called as EasePay. EasePay is set-up with the newest payment method that can help you avoid losing these customers. EasePay was developed to suit the new normal. It enables contactless payments assuring safety and convenience of your clients and staffs. Even without a card reader, Easethetics lets you accept Debit/Credit Card Payments and also E-Wallet Payments (Gcash/GrabPay/Paymaya etc.).  


Reason 7: Data Driven Operation

Trend analysis can improve your clinic or spa by helping you identify areas with your organization that are doing well, as well as areas that are not doing well. In this way it provides valuable evidence to help inform better decision making around your longer-term strategy as well as ways to futureproof your business

 Measure and track your business growth with ease by the aid of Easethetics Sales Management Reporting tools. Easethetics integrates sales analytics into the system. Users will have the ability to determine the sales volume and define your marketing strategies accordingly.

Reason 8Compliance, Safety and Security for your Data

The most valuable thing on the systems that you use is the data you create and store there. Applications and systems can be reinstalled or redo, but user-created data is unique. If it gets lost or viewed without authorization, the outcome can be devastating. You don’t want someone, specially your staff to just run away with your clients’ information.


Although vital, protecting your privacy and security doesn’t have to be complex or daunting task. Easethetics is designed to answer these type of concerns. Aside from the existing government regulations about data-privacy, Easethetics took additional mile to secure its users’ vital information. Easethetics is integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform to safely and securely store your clients’ information. Easethetics lets you assign and limit the access of your staff with the information they will see. Your worries are our expertise here at Easethetics! Clarico-Picture

Reason 9Automated Marketing Tools to Maximize your Profit

Promotions are vital for every business especially those that are in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. You would probably be surprised at how many leading clinicians and entrepreneurs dismiss the importance of Marketing Promotion. Based on the survey done by us, 58% of all the respondents have experienced or are experiencing problems with their marketing processes.


A successful Clinic or Spa should have a clear target market research into their competitors and target demographics. With Easethetics, you can easily access different reports that determines your sales volume and define your marketing strategies accordingly.


Reason 10Online Aesthetic Learning

Learning is also digital! Blogs and Videos under Easethetics were designed and made with the newest trends on the beauty industry news. With these, you can uptrend your professional practice from learning with your fellow doctors and aestheticians online. Easethetics serves as a platform for online learning program. Be featured with us and promote and share your business success!.


Adopting Clinic Management Systems for your Clinic or Spa might be easier than you think. Easethetics turns any devices into a mobile clinic or spa management tool. To find out more or to request a demo, contact us or visit Easethetics.ph today! Our 24/7 customer support is ready to help you increase your profits and grow your business.


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