Easethetics Launching The Marketing Automation Platform : Email Marketing and Smart WIFI

Easethetics has been announcing that we are launching the most advanced marketing automation platform, to one of our marketing tools that gives a lot of advantages for every clinic. We could've been more excited to use this platform for expanding our relationship with our clients.  

Platform solutions are the most needed in every clinic today, and that's why Easethetics would create and represent these ideal tools for maintaining excellent communications with an easy-to-use system that your customers will love and help minimize the risk.

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We provide email marketing that brings an easy-to-use platform to engage your customers and build strong connections. Using email templates, you can create email campaigns that your customers will love even if you are not a marketing expert. Another thing that will attract your clients has a Smart WIFI marketing social tool to Collect customer data and send valuable offers, which suits every clinic. This smart WIFI can allow you to capture lead data to offer powered WIFI to your clients. Using their smartphones and always wanting to be connected to the Internet, this social WIFI would be helping to re-engage your patients by not allowing them to fill out the form, which saves time, increases your branding, and grows your clinic. How cool is it? Easethetics always create smart segments in real-time.

Easethetics Become Leverage Technology Certified

The next generation of intelligent assistance is here. Easethetics builds and creates more ideas, such as modifications and adding more features to bring extra value to our potential clients. Undoubtedly, we are making more applications to be more complex and determining solutions by using devices that represent a breakthrough technology in which alternative exists. These are the benefits of leveraging.  So what's your goal? Increase your sales? Boost awareness of your brand? or all of the above? Then it's time to pick Easethetics for better ideas and run with it. Don't miss the Easethetics features for your clinics, and sign up for a demo today!

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