How Beauty Industry Is Responding To CoronaVirus

    Covid-19 has changed business around the globe. Like many other industries, the beauty industry has been distinctly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Some industries decide to switch their brands from manufacturing to produce alcohol facemasks and hand sanitizers. Still, others choose to close and declare bankruptcy. How the beauty industry is responding to the CoronaVirus pandemic.


How Covid-19 restriction affects business?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Now the beauty industry is making all the efforts to combat the loss of sales. Many beauty industries have already invested in online operations to stay connected and avoid losing their customers. But will it be enough?

Easethetics can identify how the Aesthetic and Beauty industry is responding regarding the covid-19 restrictions.

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Bringing The Beauty Clinic Online

     A digital mindset is very crucial nowadays. Since the coronavirus outbreak, beauty clinics have been looking for ways to maintain this type of in-person customer engagement. How to stay connected with your customers during the pandemic? No need to worry about introducing Easethetics to build a clinic management system for the aesthetic market. We have the tools that can help optimize your operations to stay connected with your customers, and these are online bookings, payment gateway, and builds a website with easy to use for your customers.


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Remote working is a new normal for many Beauty Clinic

    Remote working is the best option in the current situation. We have put in place measures to help minimize coronavirus risk to the employees and their families. Beauty and Clinic owners who are using Easethetics handle the daily task of the employees by using any device. This means an employee can work from their homes to create a seamless experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Online Virtual Stores

    New challenges have come new opportunities since the Covid-19 outbreak. Retailer beauty and clinic owners will need to prioritize digital channels to capture and convert the attention of existing and new customers. On the operations side, Easethetics is to expand your business through Sell online, social networks, mobile, or in-person and can easily manage and monitor multiple branches and locations in just one central admin panel. Easethetics is working around the globe to help beauty and clinic owners to stay informed and connected as much as possible.


Wrap up

As you can see, the beauty industry is learning new and improved ways to function during this crisis. Beauty and Clinic owners are starting to engage their customers digitally using our system to create communities digitally, improve customer relationships, and provide online guidance for each other. Easethetics comes to provide support, empathy, and advice for the beauty industry.


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