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    How can your clinic survive the pandemic crisis? We all know this Covid-19. All clinics face challenging periods. That's why Easethetics has quickly become the go-to solution in response to COVID-19 for doctors and clinic owners. We are here to help doctors and clinic owners manage their businesses with ease despite the pandemic crisis. We are excited to announce, you can manage your clinic business FOR FREE with EASETHETICS

   If you are a clinic owner with limited tools, it will affect your daily operations and profit. That's why Easethetics comes in to help doctors during these uncertain times. We offer a modern aesthetic management system because our goal is to modernize the clinics by having system operations.

What Easethetics Can Do For You
Easethetics announce the modern aesthetic management system. We offer helpful tools that can optimize your clinic operations at a low cost to ensure that your patients' and employees' experiences are entirely seamless, professional, and efficient. Starting for FREE Package you can manage your clinic with an ease, plus we also offer 24/7 technical service to support you every step of the way. 

The Modern Aesthetic Management System.

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Website, POS, Invoicing, Contact, Discuss, Calendar, Employee, Purchase, Inventory

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PRICE: PHP 500 Per Month

Sales, Maintenance, Repairs, Expenses, Time off, Live Chat, Appointment, Attendance 

 With addition of STARTER

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PRICE: PHP 1000 Per Month

 Dashboard Full of Accounting, Payroll, Email marketing, and more Marketing Tools, Webinar.

With addition of STARTER & EXPANSION

Whether you have a single branch or multiple branches, we grant you low-cost, effective clinic solutions to provide better care for your patients and maximize your revenue.

How The Modern Aesthetic Management System Can Help Your Clinic Business

A modern aesthetic management system comes with a suite of features that can help a clinic in many ways. With the starter pack (FREE), these features already provide solutions digitally.  These are the following.

Point of Sale (POS)- Easethetics Point of Sale gathers all your data sales, reports, and payment gateway in one place. That can speeds your clinic operations significantly and eliminates the human error that provides accurate information.

Inventory -  Easethetics, will integrate all the list of stocks into the system effectively in real-time, at the same time, track and manage their levels. This inventory system can identify the monitoring products and the expiration with ease. As a result, your inventory reports are more accurate and hassle-free for your employees.

WebsiteRegardless of what kind of small business you are running. Having a website is a huge advantage. Easethetics provides a website tool to build your own clinic website. While your physical clinic is closed at night. Ecommerce is ready to support store and product listing creation and multiple payment methods. So the clinic can keep on selling and bringing you income by catering to your patients and clients at any time that is convenient for them.
 • Discuss Using the web browser, Discuss will allows your clinic to communicate with your employees through message, notes and chat for better relationship and increase productivity by promoting a convenient way of communicating.

Employee-  Too much spending time checking your employee information? Here in Easethetics, All employee data is in one place. Securely stored, paperless information, and perfectly organized just in a click. This application allows you to create and manage the employee directory of the organization in one place, like employee information, time off, and employee leave attendance and payroll. 

Contacts -  Easethetics would be made easy for you to integrate all of your contacts list of your customers, suppliers, and accounting in one place. A managed contact list provides a chance to increase your business opportunity by promoting your services and build more connections.

Calendar-  Sync your calendar across multiple devices with Easethetics. You can sync your calendar across multiple devices, so you never miss an appointment with your patients. You can also access your daily schedule using devices and appointments and get reminders about upcoming activity events, so you always know what's next.

'For more features, clinics can also select to upgrade to expansion or franchise with a low additional amount.


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In every crisis, there are new opportunities, turn your clinic into the next level for free. With Easethetics, you can enjoy the All-in-one tool for your system just using any device. Don't miss the chance! Contact us today so we can discuss anything for you that suits your needs. We look forward to hear us from you!

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