A Clinic Management System For The Aesthetic Market 

Easethetics is a Clinic Management System that is specially built to 
manage any type of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatologic clinics and 
MedSpas just by using any type of device! 


What Is Easethetics?

Easethetics (Aesthetic Management System) is a highly-secured and specialized platform of applications that leverage technology to upgrade the quality of management in the sectors of beauty and wellness industry. It provides you with the tools that can potentially help to fully optimize your operations and maximize your profit.

Whether you have a single branch or multiple branch locations, Easethetics can grant you effective clinic solutions even just by using any of your devices. With just one click, you'll have a well-tuned clinic operations with EASE!

Secure your data with Us

You are not our Product

Although vital, protecting your privacy and security doesn’t have to be complex or daunting task. Easethetics is designed to answer these type of concerns. Aside from the existing government regulations about data-privacy, Easethetics took additional mile to secure its users’ vital information. Easethetics is integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform to safely and securely store your clients’ information. Easethetics lets you assign and limit the access of your staff with the information they will see. Your worries are our expertise here at Easethetics!

Reasons why do you need Easethetics

Known as the Father of Modern Management, Peter Drucker quoted, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing that there is one. According to our survey, 96% of respondents came across with these problems. Check out the list below and see if you are experiencing them too!

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Easethetics Application

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Sales leakage due to limited payment method Capability

You're not letting your clients pay the way they want! If your clinic still only accepts Cash payments, then you're losing a lot.

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Inventory Problem

Do you belong to the 93% of clinics or spas who still count their inventories manually? Inventory nightmares can become all too real when human error becomes the norm.

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promotional marketing

Promotions are vital for every business especially those that are in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. How does your clinic or spa handle your promotion?

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Unproductive Workforce 

Having a slacker in your team could damage your business. Staff face a lot of distractions throughout the day, and keeping them on task might be impossible for managers who are busy themselves. 

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Incompetent supplier

It’s estimated that up to 20 percent of the aesthetics and cosmetics products in the market are fake. Using the best quality products and equipment is one of the factors that define the quality of service you would extend to your clients. Problem is finding these suppliers.

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Not Investing in the right tools

Are spending too much for a management system's monthly subscription that doesn't even cater to your needs?

Why you  need  to choose Easethetics? 

Focus More On Your Clients

Focus more on your professional practice and let the system manage your operations efficiently

Robust Reports for Powerful Insight 

Keep a close eye with managing your business using insightful reports that help you make smarter business choices

Secured Payment Method

Let your clinic or spa offer different payment methods to your clients such as Debit/Credit Payment, E-Wallet Payment and more.

Easethetics For Multi-branch Owners

(Franchise Brand)

You own a store with multiple branches across the country. You want to monitor the movement of your stores, Easethetics will help you on running your business

Easethetics Subscription Plan

Due to Pandemic Easethetics Launches Free Subscription for Starter Pack for all Aesthetics Clinics.

Starter Pack


per Month
  •  Website
  • Point of Sale 
  • Contacts
  •  Discuss
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Purchase
  • Employee

Expansion Pack


per Month
  •  Starter Pack +
  • Maintenance & Repair 
  • Expenses
  • Time Off
  • Live Chat 
  • Appointment 
  • Attendance 

Franchise Pack


per Month
  •  Expansion Pack+ 
  • Dashboard
  • Payroll
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinar
  • Live Selling

Go Contactless with Us

Easepay allows your clients to pay for their goods and services  using their debit or credit cards with RFID technology or other payment device without the need to swipe, enter personal identification  number pin (PIN), and or sign for any transactions.

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Client driving their success with Easethetics:

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Available Payment Methods