Air Queen Nano Fiber Mask 10+1 Bundle
The Air Queen Nano Fiber Mask is designed to provide respiratory protection for the user. As a disposable particulate respirator, it is intended to help reduce exposure from certain airborne particles. It is also made of nanofibers which are sterically prepared. These nanofibers with 85% processing rate has both permeability, blockability, and durability than any fiber ever invented.

✔ Maintains high-efficiency filter effect up to 24hrs a day
✔ Protection Ratio over 94% (KF94 equivalent)
✔ 100% Original & Authentic Nano Fiber Mask
✔ 3D Structure for Easy Breathing
✔ Secure-Fit, Enhance Durability
✔ Lightweight, All-Day Comfort
✔ Proven Pathogen Barrier
✔ Premium High Quality
✔ 90% UV Protection
✔ U.S. FDA-approved
✔ Ergonomic design
✔ PM 0.4
FDA-approved GENEDIA W COVID-19 Ag device is manufactured by the Green Cross Medical Science Corp. from the Republic of Korea. It is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific antigens to COVID-19 present in human nasopharyngeal swab and sputum.

✔ Allow wider testing with quick test time (10min)
✔ High capacity to meet the most urgent medical & public health needs

The box includes:
✔ Test devices
✔ Extraction solution
✔ Sample developing filter cap
✔ Sterilized swab for sample collection
✔ Instruction for use
V Shield Air Sanitizer
• Contains Chlorine Dioxide
• Available Color: Blue
• Wearable
• Bacterial Shield
• Best for Travel, Public Transportations, Public Areas and Crowded Places
• Eliminates cell membrane while also eliminating 660 types of causative molecules of virus and bacteria
• Its strong sterilization damages the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and unwanted odors to eliminate the core of the virus.
• Excellent Safety: ClO2 is an oxygen-based sterilization disinfectant that provides air sterilization without harmful materials.
• Excellent Deodorization: Reduces the floating bacteria in the air and helps reduce odor with its powerful purifying effect.
• Stops 99.9% growth of invisible mold on surfaces.
Medilox-S (Multi-purpose)
Suitable for the most extremely contaminated spots in households. It’s the ultimate sanitising solution you need. Recommend for ages 1 and up