Acacia Acne Treatment
Uses a fine insulated RF Needle that does not cause burns to the epidermis and only transmits high-frequency energy to the sebaceous gland.

*Can destroy sebaceous gland without causing any burn on the skin.
*Uses a fine insulated RF Needle.
*Transmits high-frequency energy to sebaceous gland.
*Acne treatment.
*Blackheads removal.
*Whiteheads removal.
*It is a safe and Effective Treatment.
Acacia Acne Treatment (NEW)
Acacia High Frequency is not a temporary trend beauty equipment, but a necessary management and treatment equipment that were not easy to treat with existing equipment.
New added functions. We opened the era of integrated high frequency by gathering all the rubbing function, insulated needle function, and bovie function of existing skin care in one place.
It contains all the core functions that can be performed with high-frequency in one place and all treatments for basic pigmentation, whitening and elasticity are possible furthermore, it complements all the shortcomings of the existing high-frequency.

* Destroys the sebaceous glands, the root of acne.
* Best for sagging cheeks, chin line, forehead, etc.
*Full-face whitening.
*Full-face vibration massage.
*Whole tone face improvement.
*Acne removal.
*Blackheads removal.
*Whiteheads removal.
* Spots and Blemishes removal.
*Warts removal.
Aqua Peel Mini

• Provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration & antioxidant at a time
• Instantly improves congested pores and uneven skin
• Skin resurfacing & rejuvenation.
• Sebum & Impurities removal.
• Refining skin texture & tone.
• Wrinkle & Pigmentation reduction.
• Demodex removal.
• Relief of Acne.

Aqua Peel Solution (SERMO AHA1)
AHA is great for exfoliation, pigment removal like age spots, melasma, and scars.
It also targets enlarged pores, fine lines and surface wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
Works best with Aqua Facial Peeling Machine.
-Skin elasticity
-Removes skin dirt
-Smoothens skin texture
Aqua Peel Solution (SERMO BHA2)
BHA is perfect for exfoliation by dissolving sebum due to its oil solubility.
It is well-known as an acne treatment, but it can also help calm down general redness and inflammation.
The Aqua Peel Solution works best in conjunction with Aqua Facial Peeling Machine.
-Removes skin dirt
-Skin elasticity
-Skin nourishment
-Smoothens skin texture
BTL Exilis Elite (Refurbished)
Exilis Elite™ is an effective non-invasive skin tightening treatment with no down time. This is the only face skin tightening and body sculpting technology that uses radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten skin and enhance collagen and elastin production.

Can be used on any part of the body, from head to toe
No downtime

Exilis skin tightening uses radio frequency technology to target specific body parts, while controlling the amount of energy focused on a single area. Exilis Elite focuses and forces heat deeply into the skin, while using a cooling technology to provide maximum comfort during the treatment.
When the heat penetrates the skin, the surrounding fat cells overheat and then eventually die. The dead fat cells are then flushed out through the lymphatic system. And even more importantly, the heat stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and adds volume back into the skin.

Biodome Zizimi
• It helps blood circulation.
• It is effective to prevent various disease such as aging, metabolism, promotion and chronic fatigue by activating cells.
Cellu ss+
• Mole removal.
• Warts removal.
• Freckles removal.
• Cellure-on is a new concept of decompression rolling system.
• Strong vibration generated by decompression capacity that is 15 times strong, internal organs relaxation and muscle flexible.
• It is a new concept that facilitates bloods circulation and promotes lymph circulation.
Coolifting Beauty Gun
• The Coolifting gun shoots on the facial tissues a powerful Co2 flow at a very low temperature and high pressure, combined with an extremely high concentration of atomize activities. It is the most spectacular and fast treatment ever seen to challenge passing me.
• The Coolifting treatment generates an immediate effect (Lifting) smoothing the skin, eliminating superficial wrinkles and reducing deep wrinkles, followed by a lasting rejuvenating effect.
Depilight Diode Laser (Refurbished)
• Depilight is a real gem among the hair removal systems. With a large number of different adjustment options, the diode laser depilate offers a virtually playful treatment procedure for permanent hair removal.
• The 808nm wavelength available on the depilight diode laser is not only ideal for removing hair, but also for treating acne scars.
• The bipolar high-frequency system is a third-generation of high-frequency system that has been stripped from the existing high-frequency ceramics coating system.
• It is an advanced system that enables strong high frequency and efficient in skin care along with body management without coating.
Hifu Point ( High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
The HIPE system is a high-intensity focused ultrasound system. When the ultrasonic energy is collected in one place, it uses the high heat of 65~100°C generated at the focal point. How to burn tissue.
• The HIFU system is a high system that focused on ultrasound method of burning tissue using ultraviolet energy of 65-100C, which occurs at the focused when ultrasound energy is collected in one place.
• Hifu is a non-surgical & non-invasive.
• Hifu treatment that lifts and tightens the skin for the face and body.

Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge type D1.5 D3.0 D4.5
frequency 7 MHz 4 MHz 4 MHz
length 1.5mm 3.0mm 4.5mm
life span 300,000 SHOT 300,000 SHOT 300,000 SHOT

rule standard
Rated voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
size 404.1 x 231.0 x 350.1 (mm)
weight 2.9 kg

LED Mask
NEWKEY LED FACE MASK : Through photodynamic , the acne mask will revamp your skin appearance. Red light therapy for face - Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production Whitening Skin Wrinkles Tightens Skin Improve Pigmentation, Fine Lines, and Anti-Aging and Reduces Skin Grease Smoothens & Energies the Skin Reduces Redness Removes.

MASK FOR FACIAL PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This facial mask skin care LED Photon Mask is ideal for all skin types. Red light therapy -Especial for T-zone oil skin facial care. Choose your preferred color setting and start restoring your facial beauty. Starting facial care at home!

FACIAL SKIN CARE MASK -SAFE DESIGN: The LED light therapy mask transmits natural light waves that activate photoreceptors in skin cells to beautify your complexion. And this skin care mask was made of 150 led non-heat producing LED bulbs, mask for acne with no side effects.
Magic Power
RET RF high frequency and Vacuum, LED bipolar suction, Combine freezers into one

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Sellas Fractional Laser (Refurbished)
• Efficient treatment of moderate wrinkles, post acne scarring, surgical scars, stretch mark and other scars.
• Ideal technology for those patients who do not want the downtime and seek results.
• Acne Scars – on any skin type
• Stretch Marks – any body area and on any skin type
• Scars – micro-ablation stimulates new tissue reducing the appearance
• Wrinkles & Sun Damage – micro-ablation stimulates new collagen
Olive Diode Laser (Refurbished)
Olive, the 810nm diode laser, destroys the black melanin pigments in the hair follicle to remove hair easily. The beam of Olive provides identical amounts of energy for all pulses to reduce pain and protect surrounding skin tissues.

Other ordinary lasers have a lot of pain even though people use EMLA cream because the lasers haven't have the precise energy for each skin type. So it has some of common side effects as burn, pain, pigmentation and inflammation. Unlike other devices, Olive laser can deliver the most precise energy to the dermal layer safely until the hair follicle is destroyed without EMLA cream because it has a power cooling system.

Key Features
Powerful 810nm diode laser
Strong contact cooling
Fast & safe treatment
High absorption rate for the melanin tissue
Comfortable and short time procedure
Outstanding effects for skin tightening
Up to 15 Hz repetition mode

Hair removal
Skin tightening
Acne treatment
Nano Pen
• Improves skin texture.
• Increase skin moisturizing effect.
• Increased skin relaxation.
• Minimize skin irritation
• Increase solution effectiveness.