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Ultra Duo
• High-intensity wavelengths are applied to skin by modulation to 500 times per second.
• Will bring different dept of pressure according to the characteristics of each ultrasonic wave and eventually improve the skin to subcutaneous fat.
Olive Diode Laser (Refurbished)
Olive, the 810nm diode laser, destroys the black melanin pigments in the hair follicle to remove hair easily. The beam of Olive provides identical amounts of energy for all pulses to reduce pain and protect surrounding skin tissues.

Other ordinary lasers have a lot of pain even though people use EMLA cream because the lasers haven't have the precise energy for each skin type. So it has some of common side effects as burn, pain, pigmentation and inflammation. Unlike other devices, Olive laser can deliver the most precise energy to the dermal layer safely until the hair follicle is destroyed without EMLA cream because it has a power cooling system.

Key Features
Powerful 810nm diode laser
Strong contact cooling
Fast & safe treatment
High absorption rate for the melanin tissue
Comfortable and short time procedure
Outstanding effects for skin tightening
Up to 15 Hz repetition mode

Hair removal
Skin tightening
Acne treatment
CryoVIVE is a handheld cryotherapy device that allows precise control of cooling protocol in treating skin conditions.

Cryosurgery is often performed using extreme low temperature of cryogen. In addition to that, with the ability to precisely control cooling temperature and duration, CryoVIVE is designed to establish standard treatment protocols for a safer, more reliable and effective application for patients, eliminating guesswork and minimizing the adverse effects of uncontrolled cooling.

Unlike conventional cryotherapy devices, CryoVIVE’s ergonomic design allows treatment to be carried out anywhere, anytime.

Cryotherapy in dermatology practices can be used for:
- Removal of benign skin lesions such as warts, actinic keratosis, small benign growths
- Reduction of inflammatory acne, rosacea, flushing
- Relief of inflammation and itch caused by skin inflammatory diseases
- Facial rejuvenation
Vortex F
This is the most advanced system for gentle peeling and delicate skin cleansing. It is based on the synergy of three forces of influence: mechanical exfoliation (due to the vortex flow) exposure to special serums and the stimulating effect of vacuum. The VORTEX-system has several stages of care. Due to the presence of specially designed sera, the manipulation process goes through several stages. Deep cleansing, moisturizing the skin and intensive nutrition.
Body Master
Equipped with a dedicated head suitable for the characteristics of each part from the face to the body
With high frequency and powerful suction and cavitation
Controls smooth lines as well as bumpy cellulite

Body Master Endermology
Creates elastic and beautiful body line by pulling skin tissue by vacuum negative pressure
Body Master Cavitation
Selectively affects only the fat layer such as the abdomen, waist, and buttocks with a lot of fat
Body Master LED Bipolar
The 3rd generation high-frequency method that breaks away from the existing high-frequency method, the ceramic coating method
Customization of characteristics for each part of the face and body
Dedicated head suitable for each part from face to body

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Depilight Diode Laser (Refurbished)
• Depilight is a real gem among the hair removal systems. With a large number of different adjustment options, the diode laser depilate offers a virtually playful treatment procedure for permanent hair removal.
• The 808nm wavelength available on the depilight diode laser is not only ideal for removing hair, but also for treating acne scars.
Relax S
Relas S is a cryo electrophoresis device that cools the skin surface, allowing the drug to penetrate more effectively than conventional ways due to the cooling effect generates by strong current flow.
Echos Rf+Ultrasound for Face
ECHOS' Dual system E-BALANCE and E-TRANS are excellent for skin regeneration, of apply it before laser treatments for
pigment, skin elasticity or lifting, it would maximize the effect which resulting to synergy effect. If apply after laser
treatments, it would help quick skin regeneration and avoid the aftereffects.

Quick skin improvement without pain
Improve skin from inside to outside at the same time
High penetration rate of various drugs
Safety total skin solution
Cool Fit
Cool Fit is applied with a Cool Pad to the area to be managed. 5 - 10 degrees below zero after attaching the handpiece Delivers cooling energy only to the desired area

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Fons RE
FONS RE is a quality reduction device using radiofrequency. It is a device that can exert an excellent effect on the quality tightening by using high-frequency energy without pain and side effects, HEATING the entire vaginal tube to the wide and deep part of the vaginal mucosa.
Unlike conventional high-frequency directly through S-up Glove Transmits multiple wavelengths to the body.

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Neurajet Plus
NEURAJET PLUS is composed of 9 multi-needles, so it can absorb hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin into the skin.
By injecting drugs, it helps various clinical effects such as improvement of fine lines, improvement of skin texture, reduction of pores, and elasticity.
Copro CO2 Fractional Laser (Refurbished)
A RF type, scanner handpiece co2 fractional laser. This strength induces cell regeneration faster than usual so that it could reduce downtime.
Energy Up
Face and body total care possible through microcurrent Two managers can manage the upper and lower body separately with 4 grounding scaffolding plates. It is divided into two care systems: hand therapy and handpiece care with pulse therapy system.

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
• Cellure-on is a new concept of decompression rolling system.
• Strong vibration generated by decompression capacity that is 15 times strong, internal organs relaxation and muscle flexible.
• It is a new concept that facilitates bloods circulation and promotes lymph circulation.
1 · 3 · 10 · 17 MHz wavelength high-density ultrasound is used
Energy is delivered evenly to the subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis

Various Wavelengths
It is possible to manage not only the deep layer of muscle layer and fat layer, but also the management of skin troubles in the shallow layer.
Mode Cross-Use - Multi-Care
A clear clinical effect by shaking and holding all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis)
1, 3MHz (Red LED) 3, 10, 17MHz (Blue LED)
All-round care for pores and skin improvement as well as lines and elasticity
Readable GUI
Easy to use by anyone with a clean design interface

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Used for oxygen facials and body treatments. It is compact and portable, it hosts a powerful oxygen concentrator, able to deliver 96% pure oxygen.It comes with airbrush that let you nebulize on the skin oxygen together with specific natural cosmetics, This machine is absolutely the smallest effective oxygen jet machine for oxygen facials and oxygen body treatments! Our oxygen injections are non-invasive treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne. Among more and more famous people, they like this kind of therapy. The system provided by antioxidants, amino acids and serum of nano water molecules, through oxygen to moisturize the skin, and immediately to the skin filling water, make the skin look younger, feel more young. Its advantage is broad, system or treatment have been widely applied to support cosmetic laser and surgery, significantly improved the appearance of some common skin disease, such as acne, lees, severe premature aging and dry skin.

Product Voltage AC220V / AC110V
Sound Level Less Than 40db
Purity Oxygen ≥93%±3%(1LPM)
Flow rate 1-5L/min
Power Consumption 90Watts
Dimension(mm) 245*181*365 (mm)
Net weight 5kg
Inject high-intensity focused ultrasound into skin that has lost elasticity care only on the targeted layer, helping to increase skin elasticity and lifting without damaging the skin surface.

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Polka RF
Use a dedicated tip on the desired area in a fractional bipolar method
It not only has the effect of regenerating the epidermis, but also delivers energy to the dermis layer.
Realize the reproduction effect of high-frequency equipment

-Handpiece for Polka RF (64Pin, 100Pin-To be released later)
Skin care by applying thermal stimulation to the skin layer through polka RF energy
-Energy from epidermis to dermis
Energy is divided through a dedicated tip to minimize damage and maximize management effect
-Sure Management
All-round care for pores and skin improvement as well as lines and elasticity
-Readable GUI
Easy to use by anyone with a clean design interface

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg
Bioenergy is generated from deep within. Regenerate elastin collagen fibers effective for fat dissolving and body lifting.

Overall height (mm) 910
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 340 x 370 x 910
Weight 18.8kg