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Acacia Acne Treatment
Uses a fine insulated RF Needle that does not cause burns to the epidermis and only transmits high-frequency energy to the sebaceous gland.

*Can destroy sebaceous gland without causing any burn on the skin.
*Uses a fine insulated RF Needle.
*Transmits high-frequency energy to sebaceous gland.
*Acne treatment.
*Blackheads removal.
*Whiteheads removal.
*It is a safe and Effective Treatment.
Acacia Acne Treatment (NEW)
Acacia High Frequency is not a temporary trend beauty equipment, but a necessary management and treatment equipment that were not easy to treat with existing equipment.
New added functions. We opened the era of integrated high frequency by gathering all the rubbing function, insulated needle function, and bovie function of existing skin care in one place.
It contains all the core functions that can be performed with high-frequency in one place and all treatments for basic pigmentation, whitening and elasticity are possible furthermore, it complements all the shortcomings of the existing high-frequency.

* Destroys the sebaceous glands, the root of acne.
* Best for sagging cheeks, chin line, forehead, etc.
*Full-face whitening.
*Full-face vibration massage.
*Whole tone face improvement.
*Acne removal.
*Blackheads removal.
*Whiteheads removal.
* Spots and Blemishes removal.
*Warts removal.
Accunex Ampoule
4ml x 5 vials
Professional solution for acne control
Keeps skin healthy without irritation
Wound healing and cell proliferation effect
Accunex Tab
10mg x 100 capsules
Treatment for serious acne not treated by other medications especially cystic and conglobate acne

Aethoxysklerol 1% (Varicose Vein)
Used in the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids in sclerotherapy.