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    Easethetics (Aesthetic Management System) is a highly secured and specialized platform of applications that leverage technology to upgrade the quality of management in the sectors of beauty and wellness industry. It provides you with the tools that can potentially help to fully optimize your operations and maximize your profit.

    About Us

    Easethetics is a South Korean company that offers a Clinic Management System to optimize management quality in the beauty and wellness industry. The system has been specifically designed to manage Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Dermatologic clinics and MedSpas which can be performed anytime and anywhere around the world.


    We are introducing Easethetics, the all-in-one aesthetic management system packed with endless possibilities that allows growth and expansion within the clinic and its industry. Easethetics' system provide more features that could be more beneficial for the clinic business in an affordable price.


    Services We provide

    We're here to provide the best tools to maximize your business profit with the help of EaseLife, Easemart and Easethetics.

    Our goal is to unify the needs of aesthetic markets in Southeast Asian countries into our ecosystem to spread Korea's aesthetic equipment and products through the Easethetics system, while improving the quality of service through automation and training of clinics.

    What Easethetics do?

    Easethetics is a Clinic Management System that is specially built to manage any type of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatologic clinics, MedSpas and Fitness just by using any type of device!


    Focus on Clients

    Focus more on your professional practice and let the system manage your operations efficiently


    Secure Data

    Easethetics is integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform to safely and securely store your clients' information.


    Generate Reports

    You can now generate sales reports, inventory reports, and Financial statements with a single click.


    Secure Payment Methods

    Let your clinic or spa offer different payment methods to your clients such as Debit/Credit Payment, E-wallet Payment and more.

    Design specifically for your industry

    We are introducing Easethetics, the all-in-one aesthetic management system packed with endless possibilities that allows growth and expansion within the clinic and its industry.

    Flexible Payment Method

    We've partnered with AUB to bring you this exceptional clinic management solution. As a result, you can trust in the reliability and security of the Easethetics Terminal. AUB's expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that you have a seamless experience while using our terminal.


    Completely Free

    Yes, you read that right – our Easethetics Terminal is absolutely free! We believe that outstanding clinic management should be accessible to all. By offering this service at no cost, we are dedicated to helping clinics like yours thrive without the burden of high expenses.

    Be the “Easethetics” in your country

    Aesthetics is one of the most popular and fastest growing industries in the world. But, it is also one of the most competitive and difficult to break into. Be part of us and directly join the Industry.


    Easethetics for Free

    Use the full system capabilities of the Easethetics Ecosystem for free and lead the beauty industry in your country


    Easethetics for Rebrand

    Great choice for companies that had already established its name in their country and would integrate the Easethetics Ecosystem to their process.

    Embrace seamless transformation with our flexible system!

    Empowering aesthetic clinics, spas, wellness centers, dental practices, and fitness facilities to reach new heights


    Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

    Are you ready to revolutionize your beauty and wellness business with Easethetics? Request a personalized demo today and discover how our platform can transform your operations!